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Duttons Navara Drive Day at Jakem Farm

The mighty Nissan Navara has a reputation of being one tough vehicle, but here at Duttons Nissan, we wanted to put that to the test. We thought that the most obvious way would be to see how well it handles off road, so we decided to spend the day at Jakem Farm 4x4 Park putting the Navara through its paces.

A still, overcast morning greeted us, as well as the smell of bacon, eggs and coffee. Jason and the Jakem Farm team had the barbie going, along with the coffee machine. Once everyone had fuelled up, we were all itching to jump into one of the 5 Navaras on hand. However first up was a welcome from Duttons General Manager Mark Marchetti, and an induction and overview of the day from Jason. Once he was finished, we all piled into the Navaras, and headed off around the introductory training tracks.

A basic loop greeted us, with a couple of moguls, a few dips and a couple of very steep hills. It was apparent very quickly that the Navara was well within its comfort zone. Those who had never performed any four-wheel driving quickly gained confidence in their ability, and confidence in the Navara. Everyone was impressed, however we all knew that there would be tougher tests to come.

After a quick morning tea, we were off around the property. Up and down numerous steep hills and gullies, over and through water, and most impressively, up an old, steep, extremely rocky and undulating creek bed, the Navara did it all. The ease in which the Navara handled all of these obstacles was impressive, and even those who had little to no off-road experience found tackling all challenges in the Navara quite comfortable.

After a well-deserved lunch break, we were onto the next challenge. It was a short yet challenging track, and also put forth the heart stopper that is known as Con’s Corner. This track was extremely difficult, and could only be negotiated at a very slow pace. Plenty of rocks, climbs, drops, holes and even a little bit of mud was the order of the day, and the Navara showed its true off-road capabilities around this track. The highlight however, would be Con’s Corner. A sharp left downhill turn, with a huge boulder right in the middle, it was a delicate balancing act that left the Navara sitting precariously on only three wheels! Con’s Corner ended up being the stand-out moment of the day for most involved.

After one more lap of the property, the day was nearly done. The last item on the agenda was a quick report from Jason and the rest of the Jakem Farm team. The report that was given on the Navara was extremely positive. The Jakem Farm team could not believe the ease at which the Navara was able to handle everything that was thrown at it. For Jason, the owner of this amazing 4x4 park, to be completely blown away by what the Navara can achieve surely proves its credentials off-road.

For those of you who don’t know, Jakem Farm is South Australia’s first legalised 4x4 park. Owned and operated by Jason Grech and Kristina Van Meeter, Jakem Farm is only 45 minutes from Adelaide, located in St Ives, right next to the South Eastern Freeway. Not only does Jakem Farm hold corporate and dealership events, it also holds training days, and is open to the public. You can either choose to spend the day exploring or camp overnight at one of the many campgrounds on the property. Check out the Jakem Farm website www.jakemfarm.com.au for all the details.

We would like to thank Nissan Australia for helping with the setup and providing some of the vehicles for the day. A big thankyou to Jason, Kristina and the rest of the team at Jakem Farm. We cannot speak highly enough of your hospitality, organisation and professionalism. Last but not least, we would like to extend a massive thankyou to all of our valued customers who gave their valuable time to take part in the day. Ultimately, we wouldn’t be here without you, and we hope that you were able to take something with you from of the day.

All in all, it was an amazing and enjoyable day, in which not only the customers, but we at Duttons Nissan learnt just what the Navara is capable of. As for the reputation of the mighty Nissan Navara, it would seem that the tough just got a lot tougher, and I’m sure that all those who were lucky enough to be there on the day would agree. Don’t just take our word for it however, do yourself a favour and jump in one for yourself. This Navara exceeds all expectations, you won’t be disappointed.

The team at Duttons Nissan

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